Here are just five of the top omelets or omelettes in

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moncler outlet online Fine chefs and short order cooks alike all have their favorite way to dress up and fill up a dish that begins with just two, three (or sometimes four) beaten eggs. The varieties of meats, cheeses, vegetables, sauces and spices that can and often are stuffed inside or served atop an omelet are legion, and are limited only by the imagination of the cook or the diner. Here are just five of the top omelets or omelettes in Connecticut, and where to find them.Manchester native Tracy, or the ”Cosmic Lady” as cheap moncler coats for women she refers to herself, is such a ”breakfast moncler outlet store enthusiast” that even as a little girl she says had the dream of making ”this town even better.” Tracy has done just that, as the proud owner of Cosmic Outlet, which she declares unashamedly is ”the best breakfast place ever.” Her customers and many reviewers agree. moncler outlet online

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