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cheap jordans shoes He has been photographed golfing by social media savvy members. But he’s spent most of this past week out of outsiders’ sight. He’s hosted several donor events, including a jordans for sale cheap and real dinner cheap jordans mens size 8 for ”Protect the House,” a fundraising committee led by Vice President Mike Pence and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy that raises money for Republican House candidates.. cheap jordans shoes

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cheap Air max shoes I recall learning in 3rd grade politics includes a heavy dose of compromise. Obviously that no longer applies. What a joke. Bill said that he doesn’t want any money going to PP (how nice that an affluent male is so willing to take reproductive health services away from low income women.) As he said that it wasn’t about their providing other services and ”maybe they do,” Laura laughed and agreed that the money could be raised privately, including ”all these Hollywood types who live and die by the right to abort, supposedly enshrined in our Constitutional cheap jordan basketball shoes texts and of course, it’s not there.” Going from smug to shrill, she worked in the requisite anti choice agitprop about how PP ”targets” minority women ”which we know that Planned Parenthood does.” (That’s right Laura, those minority women are just so stupid to fall for the siren song of PP). She finished by saying that the government doesn’t have the money. She shouted that ”talk of women’s rights and women’s health is a bunch of malarky.” (So screenings for cancer and STD’s is a ”bunch of malarky? Laura was able to have her breast cancer treated, but she doesn’t want low income women to have the same advantages?) Going full tilt paranoid Cheap jordans shoes, she said it’s about one thing, ”aborting as many children by chemical means by taking these morning after pills” (more misinformation the morning after pill prevents implantation oh, right cheap Jordans shoes , the blastocyst is a person before it implants Okaaay) ”or by surgical abortion, that’s where all the money is cheap Air max shoes

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