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Andrew Brown fails againIt continues to amaze me how this guy (and I have to bite my fingers to keep from calling him a moron) continues to get space at the Guardian to broadcast his inanities. You probably know, Craig believes in the command theory of ethics: that is, whatever God decrees is moral simply because canada goose outlet online uk God decrees it

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. So when God commanded that the Israelites massacre the Canaanites, and destroy women and children occupying the Promised Land, that was totally okay by Craig.

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canada goose uk shop I always thought Philip Johnson was relavitely cautious in what he claim, but Luskin, McLatchie and others have canada goose outlet uk been saying things of late that barely distinguish them from YECs. And society as a whole is surely more aware of ID as a movement than at any time in the past. I even seen 2 or 3 scientific papers in the last canada goose jacket outlet five or so years that address ID at the end the negative of course.. canada goose uk shop

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Canada Goose Parka You csan usually take silica glass right out of a glassblowing torch flame (we use an H/O torch for silica) and plunge it into runing water without it canada goose outlet sale cracking.The absolute amount of the internal tension in the tail would be smaller because the tail is thinnner. But the relative amount of stored energy (joules/kg, joules/mole or joules/m ; I not sure if it be specific (per weight), molar, or volumetric) would probably be similar.The fibres in fibre (of the rarely named in full glass fibre reinforced plastic) are under sufficient stresses from their high cooling rates that they potentially subject to the same disintegration if the annealing canada goose black friday sale is done wrongly.It seems to me that canada goose outlet online it related to the phenomenon of the candy bar wrapper. You can pull canada goose outlet black friday at that sucker and you can tear it but if you make the tiniest nick with your teeth it just glides apart with no effort.When two adjacent molecules canada goose outlet new york city separate the bonding energy associated with their separation transfers to the next pair and on and on like a zipper.It why hotrodders polish the connecting rods in the engines to make them stronger. Canada Goose Parka

buy canada goose jacket cheap Notwithstanding occasional eruptions of extreme drama, OK Computer specialises in the eeriness of the everyday. It creeps up on me in moments of mundane dislocation: jetlagged on a travelator, scrolling mindlessly through Twitter in a hotel room far from home, flinching when an algorithm knows more about me than it should, hearing recorded voices tell me that there is an unexpected item in the bagging area or that my call is important to them. A more explicitly zeitgeist chasing record would have dated badly many have but Radiohead concentrated on evoking a mood rather than delivering a message, and that decision made it both of its time and future proof. buy canada goose jacket cheap

uk canada goose As Prof Grayling pointed out, the good bits of modern Christianity, ethics etc, are adaptations of Greek philosophy canada goose outlet shop that pre date Christianity.The discussion winds up talking past each other, which makes for good filling in of time and gives rise to conflict which is, in turn, good for ratings. The religious can easily address ”Is religion a force for good” by pointing out that it has been in things like charity and advocating for the poor. The secularists actually address a different question, which is ”Is religion canada goose outlet necessarily the only force for good?” to which the answer is ”no.” The secular societies that we live in canada goose outlet reviews that have representative democracy, separation of powers and the concepts of social goods are all good canada goose outlet store uk things that have arisen from the Enlightenment.It is funny that at 48:32 the Catholic Herald editor Cristina Odone is actually stating the secularist line ”the challenge for canada goose outlet uk sale our society is to take the good that religion offers, and excise the bad.” This is a good example of the sort of cognitive dissonance that is required to be able to assert that religion is a powerful and correct way to be a force for good in the world uk canada goose.